Easy things to bring to Thanksgiving dinner

Hey, Thanksgiving is next week. Have you been invited to someone’s house for dinner? Have you been asked – or do you feel you need to – bring something?

Yes, you’re a college student. You may not have much money. You probably don’t have a big kitchen in which you can create a marvelous side dish or dessert. But, there are many simpler things you can bring:

Cranberry Sauce
Pick up a can at your local grocery store. Or, you can see if your local store’s deli section carries a homemade version of it.

Rolls or bread
You can either pick up something already baked at your local store or bakery or buy one of the “tube” products and toss it in the oven right before you head to dinner. Easy peasy.

Again, this isn’t anything to fret about. Check out what sweet edibles are available at your local grocery store or bakery. Remember that Thanksgiving may be a particularly busy time so you may want to pre-order a pie or cake.

Vegetable or cheese and cracker tray 
Some families like to munch a little bit before the Big Dinner. If you’re spending the holiday with one of those families, consider picking up a vegetable or cheese and cracker tray. Your local store will likely have these already made. They’re usually located in the deli or produce section.

Flowers for the table
You can never – and we mean never – go wrong bringing flowers that can be placed on the table. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate arrangement, and the host/hostess will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

Wine or special coffee
If all else fails, buy a bottle of wine (if you’re at least 21) or a bag of special coffee  – perhaps pumpkin flavored — that can be enjoyed during or after the meal.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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