Use these five tips to remind your parents you love them

We know that being a college student can be stressful and take a pretty big bite out of your day. You have homework to do. You have textbooks to read. You have lessons to study. You have meetings with your study group or tutor. You have to get some much-needed sleep.

However, amid all of that work, consider taking a little bit of time out of your day to remember your parents, who are probably helping you in some way as you travel on your academic journey. After all, they’re missing you. As Austin Powers would say, “throw them a frickin’ bone.”

Our friends at Grad Guard came up with five ways that you can remind your parents that you love them. And the best part? Each of these won’t take very much time.

Call them
Or send them a text if they’re into that. And the best time to do this? When you DON’T need money. Just send a simple message. “Hi. I was thinking about you,” or “Hi. I love you,” or “Hi. How’s everything going?” It’ll make them feel great.

Talk to them
No, this isn’t the same suggestion as above. We mean really have a conversation with them. Tell them about your classes, your friends, your roommates or what new experiences you’re having. (No, don’t tell them about THOSE experiences; you know what we mean. J)

Visit them 
This suggestion is the most time-consuming, but may be the most valuable. Go home for a weekend. Or, if you can’t get home easily, invite your parents to spend the day or part of a day with you on campus. Talk them to lunch in the dining hall and show them around campus. They’ll love it.

Remember their birthday, anniversary, or other special day     
Sending your mom or dad (or stepmom or stepdad) a birthday card doesn’t take a lot of time or money, but it’ll make him/her feel appreciated and cared for. Plus, it’ll give them something to show their friends. Yes, they will probably show their friends, so be sure to send something nice.

Say it
This is the easiest suggestion of all: Just tell them you love them. It doesn’t have to be a major production. End the text, the email or the conversation with an “I love you.” Or, sign that at the bottom of the card. It’ll make their day (or week or month).

Do you have any other suggestions? We’ll share them with everyone.


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