Try these 5 apps to stay healthy

It’s not always easy to stay healthy in college. You’re studying (at least we hope you’re studying) and you may not be getting enough sleep. You’re going to class (at least we hope you’re going to class) and may not have time to work out as often as you should.  You’re working on homework (OK, you know what we’re going to say here) so you may not be eating the healthy foods that you need to eat.

However, thanks to the marvels of technology, there are mobile apps available to help you. Our friends at Grad Guard have a list of the five apps you can download to help you stay healthy. And, get this: The most expensive one is 99 cents.

Water your body
This app allows you to track your daily water intake, gives helpful tips and facts about the importance of water in staying healthy, and even provides graphs and statistics of your drinking habits. It’s just 99 cents at the App Store.

This free app from the App Store lets you scan the barcodes of products in the grocery stores so you can see if they’re a good match for your dietary needs. And – how cool is this? – it even gives you suggestions for foods that are good or even better for you. You can use it to create grocery lists that feature better foods.

Health Tap
This free app can put you in touch with licensed doctors and medical care providers who can answer your health-related questions. And the best part is it operates around the clock, so if you wake up sick in the middle of the night, you can get information from someone who know whether you’re suffering from a cold or pneumonia. You can get this app in the App Store and on Google Play.

Sleep Cycle
For a mere 99 cents you can get this app from the App Store that, by using the accelerometer on your iPhone will gauge your sleep patterns. Then, using a 30-minute window that ends when your alarm is set to go off, it will wake you during your lightest sleep cycle. Why should you care? ‘Cause waking you up then will make it seem as if you work up on your own, so you’ll feel more well rested.

Workout Plan
Using this fee app, which is available at the App Store, you can set up a workout just for you. It will also remind you of workouts that are overdue and ones that are coming up.

Have you discovered any helpful apps? if so, let us know so we can share them.

Oh, and in case you thought we forgot about Halloween, enjoy:


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