How can you party hardy and still be responsible?

It’s no secret that some young people head to college and give in to the temptation of drinking or drinking way too much alcohol. To make students aware of the dangers of overindulging and the consequences they might bring, the Office of Residential Life and Housing on our campus sponsored the Party Hardy Party.

Our intrepid intern Abby Arnold was there and provides today’s post.

Students at the party played games organized by their Resident Advisors and were given the opportunity to win prizes while still learning how to have fun responsibly. Students got the chance to wear “beer goggles,” which when worn show students how they might see things if they were intoxicated. Then they tried to walk a straight line or ride a tricycle from one side of the room to the other.

Representatives from the Allegany New York Fire Department Engine 32 and its EMS representatives taught students what life-saving steps they would need to take if they or someone they know had been drinking excessively.   

            Students also played nonalcoholic flip cup and a BAC — Blood Alcohol Level — game where they would choose they amount of alcohol they were going to drink and try to guess the BAC that went along with that amount. Most found that their guess was extremely low compared to what their BAC would actually be.

Student Mackenzie Heale, a resident advisor, said that the idea for the party was to “make people more aware. Hopefully it will show them that they can party responsibly but still have fun.”  Resident Advisor Quelli McCall hoped that “once people realize what could happen they will take it seriously and try to change their party habits.”

            The night ended with the Pitt Panther making a surprise visit and students signing a banner marking themselves as designated drivers or writing a remembrance note on the banner to those that they had lost due to abuse of drugs, alcohol, or drunk driving.


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