Why you should attend Alumni and Family Weekend

Today’s post comes from our fall intern, Abby Arnold, a human relations major with a writing minor.

College students are busy. Period. So why should they take time out of their busy schedule to attend Alumni and Family Weekend?  Christina Graham, director of student activities, and Lindsay Retchless, director of alumni relations, explain why.

The biggest reason why students and their families should participate in Alumni and Family Weekend is the same reason why Pitt-Bradford is a unique campus: We are a family here.  The weekend is a tradition on this campus and is intended for members of the university family and the Bradford community to celebrate their lifelong bond with the campus and with each other. This bond is what keeps alumni, students, and family coming back to Pitt-Bradford year after year.

At Pitt-Bradford, we’ve got your back. The University Showcases at Alumni and Family Weekend are geared toward students and their families. If you’re a freshman go to The College Adjustment showcase. This program will show you and your family what to expect next. Seniors should be sure to check out the Graduation in a Party Box showcase. If you’re thinking of attending grad school, if you’re not sure you’re going to graduate on time, or if you’re suffering from pre-graduation separation anxiety, this is the showcase for you. It will let you in on everything you need to know to prepare for Commencement.

If the showcases aren’t your style, attend the informal chat hosted by President Livingston Alexander. This will be a question-and-answer session designed for people to learn more about what is going on this year at Pitt-Bradford and what to expect in the future.

The Executive Speaker Series and Networking Luncheon is another great opportunity for students to get the most out of their Pitt-Bradford experience.  Not sure of your major? Looking for an internship? Need career advice? This is the program for you. Professionals come from a variety of fields, specifically looking for new talent. It’s an opportunity to network and to be noticed.

The Welcome Back Reception is a longstanding tradition at Pitt-Bradford. The celebration kicks off with drinks and hors d’oeuvres and wraps up with a firework display sponsored by the Student Activities Council. This is an opportunity for students and their families to connect with the faculty, staff, and alumni before the weekend ends.

Pitt-Bradford’s Alumni and Family Weekend is chalk full of fun, valuable, and entertaining experiences for students and families to share.


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