The No. 3 tip for college success

OK, if you’ve been following along, you know what we’ve been doing – offering tips on how to succeed in college. We’ve already discussed the importance of going to class and taking good notes.

Today’s tip is how to get the most from your textbooks from Margo Myers, who is the program manager for TRiO Student Support Services.

It’s a matter of five steps.

  • Survey – Scan the book, the headings, the introduction and any extra sections in a chapter to see how the book is set up
  • Question – Prepare questions before class.
  • Read – OK, you know what this means. Remember to read captions with pictures, too.
  • Recite – You can do this either by yourself or with a study group.
  • Review – Take notes on the information and highlight important ideas without making your entire book yellow.

 Next: The course syllabus


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