This is the No. 2 tip for college success

For the next few weeks, we’re bringing you tips on how you can be successful, including going to class. Today, we’re talking about the importance of taking good notes. Think you don’t have to? Think you’ll remember what the professors tell you?  Think you already know how to take good notes?

Well, Steve Joyce, an intern at our Academic Advising Center offers some tips on how to take effective notes, just in case you may not be the great note taker you think you are.

  • Use a loose leaf notebook, which will help you organize your notes more effectively
  • Use a modified printing style, half cursive and half printing, which is faster and helps you keep up with the professor
  • Avoid taping the course because it’s hard and takes time to go back and listen to the recording 

 Next: Getting the most from your textbooks


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