This is the No. 1 tip to college success

On Monday, we gave you the top 10 secrets to college success. Wanna know what’s No. 1 on that list? Go to class.

Now, that might seem obvious to you, but many students come to college and then don’t go to class, or don’t go regularly. That’s a huge mistake.

Mary Coller, the director of our advising center, tells you why it’s necessary for you go show up for class.

You should go to class because

  • you’re essentially losing money if you don’t show up ‘cause you’ve paid for the class.
  • it shows your professor that you want to learn and do well.
  • you’re a grownup now, and grownups keep their commitments. Yours is going to class.
  • you will learn more by attending.
  • you’ll get to know your classmates, hear their good questions you may not have thought of, and meet potential study partners
  • the classroom is where the answers are.

Next: Taking good notes.


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