Are you bringing any of these cool gadgets to campus?

Let’s face it. Gadgets are cool. And, since you’re heading to or going back to college, you’re probably going to want some of these.

USA Today College lists 10 gadgets for tech-savvy college students that include:  

This slick device is a bottle-opening case for your iPhone.

This simple-to-use device is a portable kickstand you can use for your phone, iTouches and more.

Livescribe Echo
This pen allows you to transfer the notes you took and audio from your class to your computer. Then, you can recharge your smartpen using a standard connection cable.

The Tampa Bay Times newspaper offers other groovy gadgets you might need on campus:

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker
The name pretty much says it all so we don’t need to say more. Use it as an alarm block or put it under your mattress, and it will shake your bed.

CordaRoy’s Beanbag Bed
This is perfect if you’re having a guest over or just want to relax with friends.

WiFi Detector Shirt
This T-shirt lights up when you have the best WiFi signal strength.

The Fridge Locker Personal Food Security System
Ever saved something in the fridge that you were going to eat later but someone beat you to it? With this system that won’t ever happen again.

Did you bring any awesome gadgets to school with you this year? If so, let us know.


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