You gotta bring these things to college

When you’re going to college, you have a lot of things on your mind: Will I make friends? Will the food be as good as it is at home? How much more homework will I have to do? Will I get along with my roommate?

With all that thinking, you may forget to bring with you all that you’ll need particularly since some of these things you might not even think about.

The College and Finance blog provides a list of 18 things that students often forget to bring but that they’ll most likely need.

Here are some of them:

Duct tape
Let’s face it. Duct tape can fix almost or take care of almost anything. And now, it comes in an assortment of designs so you can solve a problem and look funky while doing it. (You can also purchase duct tape featuring zebra stripes, Spider-Man and penguins on it.)

Hammer and screwdriver
You’ll find a need for both of these simple tools, whether you’re building, fixing or adjusting something.

Storage crates
You find these helpful when you try to find room for all of your stuff. And, they’ll help you stay organized. We hope.

Vitamins Let’s be honest. You’re not going to get all the vitamins you need by eating pizza, cheeseburgers and Ramen noodles. Taking vitamins will help you stay healthy.


Air freshener
You’re going to run into a smelly situation – or person. Keep an air freshener, whether it’s a spray or plug in, handy.

The Student Advisor blog also has a handy and free guide: College Dorm Essentials, which features several articles including what you should bring, what you wouldn’t think you’d need, and the best gadgets.

Have another suggestion? Just let us know, and we’ll share it with everyone.


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