Tips on how to choose a major

You’re looking ahead to college, but you’re not sure what to major in. The choices are vast and include business, economics, biology, education,  broadcast communications,  nursing,  criminal justice, and psychology.

How do you choose one?

The Academic Advising Center on our campus has many resources for you to help you pick one: 

There are several other resources out there to help you choose. has a quiz you can take that will help you pick a major that meets your interests. U.S. News & World Report also offers a college personality quiz to help you find a good match.

One important factor in choosing a major is in figuring out what you can do with it when you graduate. Keep in mind that once you’ve picked a major, don’t be discouraged by others who may not agree with your choice. USA Today College offers five reasons why you should not change your major, not matter what anyone says.

Good luck.


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