Tips from the experts — how to fix up your dorm room

The other day, our intern Theresa offered some tips on how to create a nice dorm room. Well, there are many other “experts” out there who have other suggestions as well. After all, your residence hall is going to be your home away from home. You really don’t want it to look like this, do you?

You probably want your room to look more like this.

For example, if you’re on a budget – and really, who isn’t? – you might find this video helpful, which originally appeared on the Early Show.

Food Network chef Rachael Ray, who also has her own show, recently featured a “Dorm Room Decorating 101” segment on her show. One of the suggestions included hanging fabric by using homemade and easy-to-clean-up paste with cornstarch and water.

HGTV style expert Sabrina Soto also offers tips, including purchasing bed risers so that you can store stuff underneath your bed.             

Do you have any suggestions or photos to share? Please send them along.


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