Are you following these Twitter accounts? You should be.

On Monday we mentioned free apps that make life easier for college students. Today we have the top 10 Twitter accounts that you should be following.

The list comes from, which you can also follow on Twitter:

  1. @The90sLife  — This is a perfect site for college students to reminisce about their youth.
  2. @HuffingtonPost  The Huffington Post provides a wide mix of real news along with humor and other fascinating tidbits.
  3. @(your university) – Follow your school or the school to which you’re looking to apply. Not only does it support your school, it will also give you the latest news and information from campus. 
  4. @OMGFacts  – Looking for a Twitter feed where you can find information that will make you say, “Wow, I didn’t know that”? This is it. For example, did you know that laughing 15 seconds adds two days to your life span? You can also find Twitter feeds for facts related to specific tops such as sex, celebrities, animals and sports.
  5. @MensHealthMag and @WomensHealthMag  – Hey, just because you’re in college and busy with schoolwork doesn’t mean you can ignore your health.
  6. @TotalFratMove and @SororityGirlProblems  – Learn more about Greek life.
  7. @WSJ or @NYTimes – It’s important to know what’s going on in the world. You may even need to know the latest news for a current events quiz in a class.
  8. @Amazon – Amazon can hook you up with some great stuff, so following it is a good idea.
  9. @JimmyFallon – Who doesn’t love Jimmy Fallon? Plus, sometimes he showcases fans who have tweeted him, so you may get a little fame.
  10. @ (your major field here) – Follow a company or organization within your academic major. You’ll get even more information about the industry, which will come in handy when you graduate.    

  Whom do you follow on Twitter? Let us know, and we’ll share with everyone.


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