Make your college life easier with these helpful (and free) apps

We know that those of you heading off or returning to college love technology. So today we’re bringing you a list of free apps that might make your life a little easier thanks to Grad Guard.

  • Mint
    Allows you to see all of your accounts and expenses in one place. You can track costs, see when your bills are due, and get notifications of any unusual activity on your account, all without a big stack of papers.
  • Chegg
    Will help you get the best price for a textbook. You just scan the barcode to compare the best prices between Chegg and other book retailers. You can also check shipping and due dates.
  • Evernote
    Enables you to keep everything – music files, class notes, pictures, ideas – all in one place.
  • StudyBlue
    Creates high-quality flashcards so you can study on the go.
  • MyHomework
    Lets you keep track of your assignments and due dates by color coding them based on priority.
  • Wikipanion
    Gives you instant access to Wikipedia, but keep in mind that many professors do not consider this an appropriate source for assignments.
  • SparkNotes
    Includes 50 study guides and access to more online.  

If you know of other helpful apps please let us know, and we’ll pass them along.


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