Off to college this fall? You should know how to do these eight things.

Call it College 101, the eight skills you need to know brought to us by College Parents of America.

If you know how to do all of these things, hooray for you. Parents, if you’re children are a little lax at any of these, you may want to gently remind them that these skills will serve them well when they get to college.  

  • Laundry
    If you shove all your clothes in the washer, toss in a random amount of soap, and wash it all on hot, you may need some help. Be sure to ask someone the right way to do laundry before you get to college and have an entire wardrobe that is pink.
  • Cook
    You don’t need to know how to make a gourmet meal, but some of the basics would be helpful.
  • Good nutrition
    Pizza is not a food group. If you want to feel good and stay healthy, you should know which foods are good for you and which are not so good.
  • Balance a checkbook
    It may be easy to ignore it, but it’s not wise. You really will need to keep track of your bottom line.
  • Know about credit cards
    Having a credit card is a convenient and easy way to purchase what you need, and it helps to establish good credit history. But, they can be dangerous. Make sure you understand the importance of paying your bill each month and on time.
  • Manage a simple budget
    Your money may be tight while you’re in college, but if you create and stick to a simple budget, you’ll discover that you’re in control.
  • How to use email professionally
    You text. You tweet. You Skype. You IM. But don’t forget that when you’re sending an email, particularly when it’s to a professor, potential employer, or possible internship supervisor, you must use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. And don’t forget an appropriate greeting.
  • How to manage your time
    In college you’ll have more free time than when you were in high school. How you structure that time will make a difference between struggling and succeeding.

Are there any skills we’re missing? If so, please let us know.


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