The most important messages to pass along to your college student

We’ve been talking about how you can prepare yourself — and your son or daughter — for college.

Laurie L. Hazard, a psychology professor in Rhode Island, says there is much that parents can do to help their sons and daughters. However, one of the most significant things is to pass along some important messages that will help when he/she gets to campus.

Be humble
Recognize that you don’t know everything. Be modest and respectful.

Ask for help
Don’t be shy about asking for help if you need it. There are many people on campus who are there to help you.

Take risks
Try something you’ve never done before. You may find you have a talent or skill you never knew you had.

Be open to change
You’ll likely find that your high school study habits won’t work for college. Be willing to change so you can succeed.

Respect diversity
Most likely you will meet, live with and learn from students who are different from you. Learn from their experiences, customs and cultures.

Take responsibility
You’re the only one who can make your first year in college a success. If it doesn’t turn out that way, you’re the only reason why. 

Any other suggestions anyone?


2 thoughts on “The most important messages to pass along to your college student

  1. Under the “ask for help” category, I find that there are others who have the same question but are too shy to ask. So I encourage students to “find their
    voice” and help out themselves as well as others. They will actually be grateful to you!

    • Maureen,
      You’re so right. It’s not easy to ask for help, but it’s so important that students learn to do it. As you said, it not only helps themselves but others as well.

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