What to expect when your child heads to college – Part II

As we mentioned last week, college isn’t just an adjustment for students but for parents as well. Therefore, we want to provide information that can help you make the transition along with your son or daughter.

College Living

Today, we address college living. One of the first transitions your son or daughter will need to make is sharing a room with a friend or, more typically, someone they first met on move-in day.  They’ll have to learn how to compromise and set ground rules from the very beginning: How are overnight visitors handled? What happens if someone drinks all the milk? What if one person is neat, the other sloppy? What if one student wants it quiet to study and the other wants to party all the time?

Resident Advisors

You need to know that most colleges have resident advisors, upper-level students who live in the residence halls who help to enforce rules, offer help and make sure that everything goes smoothly. Since these students are older, they know the ropes. They can even give advice to your son or daughter about classes or other campus services.


It’s no secret that a college or university needs to have rules, which are typically spelled out in a student handbook. Encourage your son or daughter to read and live by these rules.


Most colleges offer a wide assortment of activities for their students, from academic-related clubs and fraternities and sororities to outdoor activities they may never have tried before. Encourage your son or daughter to take part in some of these activities. By participating, they’ll make friends, develop leadership skills, and have fun.

Living at home

What if your son or daughter decides to live at home and commute to college? There are still lifestyle changes that he or she will have to make. Also, it’s even more important that commuters participate in activities so they can feel part of the college. Encourage your son or daughter to take part even if he or she doesn’t live on campus.

Stay tuned. More is on the way.


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