Not sure about going to college? After reading this you’ll be sure.

Last week,  we reminded you that it’s not too late to fill out your college application. However, if you haven’t applied because you’re not sure you want to go, you need to read on.

No, college isn’t easy. It’s hard work. Its costs a lot of money and means many graduates (and sometimes their parents) have to pay off their debt over a long period of time. And, some recent news stories have indicated that having a college degree doesn’t guarantee you a job.

So why go? Well, there are many reasons why having a college degree is important, but it often comes down to a matter of dollars and cents.  

A column in USA Today quotes statics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2010. Of the people who aren’t working,

  • 14.9 percent don’t have a high school diploma
  • 10.3 percent graduated from high school
  • 7 percent have an associate degree
  • 5.4 percent have a bachelor’s degree
  • 2.4 percent have a professional degree
  • 1.9 percent have a doctoral degree

See what’s happening? The more education you have, the less chance there is of your being unemployed.    

Also, over the next decade, there will be 31 million job openings – nine million new jobs created along with 22 million jobs from Baby Boomers who retire, according to an article in The Huffington Post. And, about two-thirds of those jobs will require some form of education on top of a high school diploma.

Need more persuasion? The U.S. Census Bureau issued a report last fall called “Education and Synthetic Work-Life Earnings Estimates.” According to the report, the average annual salary of a full-time employee who is a high school graduate is $34,197. Compare that to a full-time employee with

  • an associate degree — $44,086
  • a bachelor’s degree — $57,026
  • a master’s degree — $69,958   

Enough said. Don’t forget it’s not too late to apply. 🙂


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