This is why attending summer orientation is important

If you’re heading off the college this fall, you may be asked or required to attend orientation at your school. You may wonder why that’s necessary. After all, you’ve probably visited the school at least once already.

But, take our word for it; it’s important that you go. You’ll meet faculty and staff members who will be there to help you. (You may even meet the president.) You’ll meet your classmates. You’ll confirm your class schedule. You’ll talk with your coach. You’ll learn more about the school than you knew before.

College Parents of America  agrees, offering four reasons why you should go:

 Get acquainted

This is your chance to get to know your school better and become more familiar with campus. It will give you a chance to eat in the dining hall and stay in one of the residence halls.

You’ll also start to get to know your classmates. You may even make some friends. 

Get information

You’ll get a lot of information – about financial aid, how to get your student ID, where the computer labs are, how you can get help with your classes if you need it. This is all really important information that you’d have to figure out on your own if you didn’t attend orientation. 

Get introduced to the student culture

Meeting all of those different people on campus will give you an idea what the campus culture is like. Are people friendly? Do they welcome diversity? Are upperclass students willing to help underclass students?

Get a start on your college journey

Attending orientation will be the official start of your college journey. After all, you may have bought a college T-shirt or some of your textbooks already. You may have gotten your campus email address. You may have a roommate. This is the beginning.  

We hope to see you on campus.


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