If you haven’t applied to college, it’s not too late.

When it comes to filling out your college applications, have you been procrastinating? Well, it’s not too late to apply even if you’ve been putting it off. Many colleges and universities continue to accept students in their freshman class well into the summer, including ours.

 Now that you know that, why not get started? Most schools have online application forms that make it easier than ever.

What about paying for school? You can still do that, too. In fact, U.S. News & World Report offers 11 steps to  help you raise last-minute cash for school. Here are a few: 

 1. Fill out the FAFSA
The first step is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as the FAFSA. While it’s best to fill these out in January, the government accepts them throughout the summer.

2. Apply for late-deadline scholarship contests
There are some charities and other nonprofit organizations that have late-deadline scholarships for those of you who like to put things off.

3.  Start applying for aid for next semester and next year
If it’s too late for aid for the upcoming term, considering applying for aid for the following term or school year. That way, you won’t be stuck in the same situation again.

So … what are you waiting for?


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