Confused by all those higher ed terms? Here’s what it all means.

If you’re starting or have already started looking at colleges, you’ve probably noticed that the folks there tend to speak a different language. They toss around words like articulation, credit hours, matriculate  and rolling admissions. And, when you start talking about financial aid, it gets even worse with talk of demonstrated need, expected family contribution, the FAFSA, and unsubsidized loans.

It’s enough to confuse anyone.

However, there are tools that define and help you understand what all of these terms mean so you know exactly what’s going on. The Student Advisor blog has a glossary of college terms that you may find helpful.

On that blog, you’ll learn that:
Articulation is an agreement between a two-year and a four-year college that will allow you to start at the two-year school and seamlessly transfer to the four-year school to complete your degree. On our campus, we have several of those.

Credit hours is the number of hours each week that your courses meet.

Matriculate means to enroll. A student who is enrolled in college is matriculated in college.

Rolling admissions means that the school considers each student’s admissions application as soon as all of the required information  – school transcripts, test scores – are received. We have rolling admissions on our campus.

In addition to the Student Advisor glossary, our university has a financial aid glossary on our website to help you make sense of those confusing financial aid terms.

Good luck learning the language.


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