Off to college this fall? Do these things to get ready.

Glad high school is over? Can’t blame you there. But if you’re planning on attending college this fall or next, you may want to use this summer to get prepared for what lies ahead.

The CollegeBoard offer several tips on what you can do this summer to help you get ready for college. Here are some helpful hints whether you’re starting college this fall or a fall in the future:

  • Read, read read
    On Monday, we gave you a list of great summer reads. Even if you’re reading something for pure enjoyment, it will sharpen your comprehension and vocabulary skills, which will serve you well in college.
  • Start looking for scholarships
    It’s no secret that college is expensive, but there are many scholarships out there that can help you with the cost. Start locally, since local scholarships are less competitive and often easier to get.
  • Offer to work for free
    Really. If there is a business you’re interested in but it’s not hiring, offer to work for free as an intern. You’ll get great experience. And who know? If you do well, maybe someone will hire you in the future – and pay you.
  • Take a summer class
    OK, this may be the last thing you want to do over the summer. But it’s a great way to get started on some of those course requirements.
  • Volunteer
    You’ll learn a lot, and it will help you develop skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Spend some time on social media
    Yes, we know you’re there, but we mean follow college tweets. Read blogs from college students and connect with some current students from a college you’re considering.

Do you have any other suggestions? If so just let us know.


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