Need a summer job? Try these tips.

It may be summer – or almost summer – but for many of you summer doesn’t necessarily mean rest. You need a summer job. You need one bad. How do you find one? Here are some tips. offers several tips from job counselor Jaclyn Schwartzman, including how to stand out from everyone else.

 U.S. News & World Report also offers six tips to help you:

1. Contact past employers. If you were a good employee, they may want you back. If your old job is no longer available, they may find another position for you. It’s worth a try.

2. Check job boards at your local college. There may be some positions available on campus.

3. Make your own job. Offer your services to others. Mow lawns. Babysit. Clean houses.

4. Consider someplace new.  If you’re used to coming home when the semester sends, consider seeing if there are any job openings in your college town or vice versa.

5. Consider working for family or friends.  This may not be ideal, but it’ll be a job, particularly if you’re having trouble finding one elsewhere.

6. Be flexible. That might mean working two part-time jobs instead of one full-time one.

As always, if you have any advice or suggestions to share please let us know.


2 thoughts on “Need a summer job? Try these tips.

  1. Thanks for the tips! Word of mouth seems to be a big way as well. So mention to everyone that you are looking for a job!

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