Don’t make these job-search mistakes

You’ve graduated. The next step for many of you is to find a job. But, before you get start looking, you should know some of the mistakes to avoid.

Patra Frame from offers what she calls “silly self-sabotage” job-search mistakes.

U.S. News & World Report also lists what it calls 10 costly mistakes:

Here’s what not to do:

1. Relying on outdated sources of job-searching advice.
Be sure you’re accessing recent information.

2. Listing just job duties on your resume.
Focus instead of accomplishments.

3. Including on your resume everything you’ve ever done.
Your resume is the tool to market you. Use only what will put you in the best light.

4. Sending your resume without a cover letter.
You’re hurting your chances if you don’t include a cover letter that helps to grab a potential employer’s attention.

5. Following up way too much.
Most employers don’t look favorably on a candidate who follows up with a phone call.

6. Coming to an interview unprepared.
Most people don’t do well by flying by the seat of their pants. Before your interview, practice how you’re going to effectively sell yourself.

7. Using gimmicks to stand out.
Employers don’t care if you’re resume is fancy, unless you’re apply for a graphic arts job. Stand out by being a highly qualified candidate, writing a great cover letter, and being responsive, thoughtful and enthusiastic.

8. Not paying attention to references.
Make sure you stay in touch with people whom you want as references so that when you’re asked by a potential employer for them, you can supply their names quickly.

9. Ignoring danger signs. 
Yes, you want a job. But do you want an awful job? Probably not. Pay attention to any signs such as a high turnover rate that may indicate that this job will be awful.

10. Becoming bitter.  
Looking for a job can be frustrating. Resist the temptation to get bitter because if you’re feeling that way, it’ll be almost impossible to hide it. And that kind of attitude will turn off a potential employer.

Have you already been through this? Let us know if you have any suggestions.


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