Top 10 most common mistakes a new college grad can make

You’ve made it to college graduation successfully. Now, you have your life ahead of you. But, there are some pitfalls.  features a list of the top 10 most common mistakes that college graduates make from Stuart Schultz, co-author of the book “Guide to Life After College.”

We’re sharing them so you can avoid these mistakes.

  1. Not traveling after college
    You won’t have many times in your life when you can just pick up and go. (Think job, spouse, kids, mortgage, etc.) If you’re able, time some time to travel. If you’re worried about student loans, remember there are many volunteer opportunities.
  2. Not considering moving home
    It doesn’t have to be permanent (and probably shouldn’t be). But for now, moving back home could give you a little financial flexibility. You don’t want to rent a place then find you’ve added a financial burden you can’t bear.
  3. Ignoring health insurance
    This is just dumb. Remember, something relatively simple like a fall could send you to the emergency room, and if you’re not insured, you’re going to be paying for that ER visit for a long time. There are affordable insurance options out there.
  4. Only looking for a job when you’re looking for a job
    In other words, do something while looking for a job. Learn a new skill. Find an internship. Even a volunteer opportunity will sound better to a job interviewer who asks you what you’ve been doing for the last six months.
  5. Not preparing to succeed at that job
    Remember that you’re going to have to adapt to the work environment. So, you’re going to have to be prepared to show up on time, leave when (and not before) the day is over. Avoid getting trashed at the office’s Memorial Day picnic.
  6. Missing a bill’s due date
    We’ve all done this, but we’ve all suffered for it as well. Besides making the person/company who is owed pretty mad, it’ll also wreak havoc with your credit.
  7. Procrastinating when it comes to saving
    We know this isn’t easy. But, if you put just a little away consistently now, you’ll reap pretty sizeable benefits later.
  8. Buying or leasing a new car
    We know this is tempting. You’ve graduated from college. You feel you deserve it. But, resist that temptation. The payments will kill you.
  9. Ordering takeout every night
    Like the new car, this is going to get expensive. Treat yourself occasionally but on those other days, go online, download some easy and delicious-sounding recipes and make something.  (Besides, it’ll impress your girl (boy)friend, mother, father, friends, grandparents, etc.)
  10.  Forgetting all the awesomeness of college life 
    It’s easy to get consumed with post-college life, but don’t forget how much all the fun you had. More fun is on its way. We promise.

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