Seven tips to help you survive after college

On Monday, with help from, we gave you seven tips to help you make the transition from college to life beyond.  Today, we have seven more that we thought would help you.

  1.  Network
    It’s never too early to start making connections. Reach out to someone in a field you’re interested in.  Join professional organizations. Many Chambers of Commerce have networking events that will help you get out there.
  2. Do  your research
    Take advantage of the career services office on your campus, which will have a list of job openings. Research companies you’re interested in and see if there are any opportunities there.
  3. Use your summers wisely
    Take this time to do something that will help you advance. Take a summer course. Create a website. Learn a new skill. Read, particularly about fields that interest you.
  4. Take care of your online reputation
    You already know this – employees are going online more and more to learn more about job applicants. Take great care in what you post online.
  5. Look at small companies
    Not everyone is going to get a job at Google or Apple right after college. And that’s OK. Smaller companies offer many opportunities, including the ability to work more closely with high-level people.
  6.  Pay attention
    Your first job or two will be a great learning experience. Use it wisely. Listen more than talk. Learn from the more seasoned employees. Listen to the advice and guidance from your more experienced  colleagues.
  7. Become a great writer
    No matter what field you’re in, if you can write well, you’re go further faster. So, do whatever you can to be a better writer. It can be as easy as reading books on good writing like Stephen King’s book, “On Writing.”

Do you have anything to add? Just let us know, and we’ll share it.


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