You’re graduating from college, now what?

You’re graduating from college. Hooray for you. But, what do you do now? You’re leaving the cozy confines of your campus and must now face – well, what exactly? All this month to celebrate your graduation we’re going to offer you tips to help you cope with whatever is out there. offers seven tips you should keep in mind to help you make the transition from college to the world beyond.

should keep in mind to help you make the transition from college to the world beyond.

  1. Time management matters more.
    You’ll be juggling more than ever before, so start learning to budget your time wisely if you haven’t excelled at that while in college.
  2. Social skills matter.
    You’re going to need to talk and associate with all kinds of people who have all kinds of interests. The better you can get along with them, the better off you’ll be.
  3. Don’t be defined by your first job.
    The first job you get doesn’t set your life in stone, so if your first job isn’t perfect, it’s OK. Keep in mind that you’ll have many options and opportunities along the way so that the second or third or fourth will be much better.
  4. Building and maintaining relationships matter.
    This hint is similar to No. 2. Keep in mind that developing good relationships is important because the person you befriend may become your business partner, customer, or mentor one day.
  5. Keep learning.
    You may not want to hear this after you’ve spent, four, five or even six years in a college classroom, but continuous learning is important. Embrace it. Plus, you’ll be able to choose now what you want to learn, which will make it more fun.
  6. Find satisfaction in personal accomplishment.
    When you successfully complete a project at work, when you have a fulfilling relationship, when you volunteer in your community you’ll realize you have a strong sense of self-worth.
  7. Your reputation is crucial – take care of it.
    Remember that your actions and words will stay with you forever and lead people to perceive you in a particular way. We all want people to think we’re a good person. Of course that means we have to be a good person.

Good luck. If you have any suggestions to add just let us know.


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