Liberal arts students and grads aren’t losers. Here’s why.

We’ve all heard the jokes and seen the cartoons that make it seem as if a degree from a liberal arts college isn’t worthwhile. Au contraire. 

A study conducted by the independent consultancy firm Hardwick Day proves

that those stereotypes just aren’t true.

Hardwick Day surveyed 2,700 students from liberal arts colleges, private universities and other schools for the “Value and Impact of the College Experience: A Comparative Alumni Study for the Annapolis Group” to to determine how the students perceived and rated their college experience.

The study showed:

  • 76 percent of liberal arts grads said their college experience highly prepared them for their first job
  • 77 percent rated their overall college experience as excellent
  • 79 percent said they benefitted “very much” from the high quality of teaching from their faculty
  • 89 percent of grads said they found a mentor while in college
  • 60 percent said they felt better prepared for life after college
  • Liberal arts students were more likely to graduate in four years or fewer

You can learn even more by reading the full study.

So, if you’re a graduate or a student of or planning to attend a liberal arts college  walk with your head held high.


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