More tips on how to rock the career fair

On Monday, we offered a few suggestions on how you can make a good impression at a career fair, whether you’re looking for a job or an internship. Today, we have a few more suggestions for you.

1. Bring a past performance evaluation with you.
Showing a written document from a former boss to a potential employer or internship supervisor shows that you have worked well in the past at another company or organization, that you came prepared, and that you’re willing to go that extra mile.

2. Listen for what the recruiters ask other candidates.
Let’s face it. You’re probably going to spend some time waiting in line at some booths. But, in that time, listen for what the recruiters ask the candidates in front of you and prepare an answer. Most likely, the recruiter will ask each candidate similar questions

3. Ask for an interview.
Now, we don’t want to mislead you into thinking that just because you ask for an interview you’ll get one. It does matter when and how you do it. Before you conversation ends, ask for an interview and tell the representative why he or she should give you one. For example, you could say, “If you grant me an interview, I won’t let you down.”

Again, if you have any suggestions to share please let us know.


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