Hey parents, Spring Break is coming. Are you ready to let go?

If you’re the parent of a college student, then you know how hard it can be to let go. You know your son or daughter is getting older and more independent, but you worry nonetheless. Well, Spring Break is another opportunity to try and let go.

Not every college student flies to some sun-drenched Spring Break vacation. Many students come home to relax, look for a summer job or internship, or shadow a professional. So, if your son or daughter is coming home, much like winter break, you’ll need to remember that he or she will need some down time. Remember to be patient when he/she catches up on sleep, TV watching, or visiting with friends.

However, if your son or daughter is preparing to travel for Spring Break, make sure you sit down and have a chat to talk about some of those important things.

 Make sure he or she:

  • Always has at least one person along and doesn’t venture out alone.
  • Keeps a duplicate copy of important travel documents – passport, driver’s license, plane tickets, etc. – in a safe place.
  • Carries only as much money as is needed and keep the rest in a safe place or a couple of safe places
  • Creates a list of emergency contacts and shares it with his or her traveling companions

Have you been through this before and have suggestions to share? Just let us know.


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