Going away on Spring Break? Here’s how you can save some money.

Got Spring Break fever? Yeah, we do, too. On Monday,we gave you some ideas on how you can enjoy spring break without breaking the bank. Today, we have suggestions on how you can save some money once you get where you’re going.

If you can scrape together the cash to go away – we hear Mexico is really nice this time of year – the StudentCity Blog has several ideas on how you can save once you get there.

Go to the grocery store
You’ll save money if you buy food at the grocery store instead of eating out all the time.


Ask the front desk of your hotel for coupons for free or reduced-price events. And remember, you don’t have to be on the run. There’s nothing wrong with lying by the pool and soaking up the sun.

Pay cash

That way, you don’t get slammed with credit card bills when you get home. Also, it’s easier to say no to those companions who forgot extra cash and want you to “cover them” this time.

Stay in the U.S.

Yes, those Caribbean beaches seem to call our name at this time of year, but you may find that going someplace in the United States like Florida is cheaper.

Ride the bus

Taxis are expensive. While buses and trolleys may not be glamorous, they are cheaper.

Ride a bike

Many places – Key West is one of them – offer bicycle and scooter rentals that will give you the chance to see the sites without paying a lot of money.

As always, if you have any suggestions just let us know.


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