Can you enjoy Spring Break on a budget? Sure you can.

Short on cash but you want to go somewhere for spring break? Don’t fret. You can. offers several suggestions on how you can enjoy spring break without destroying your finances.

Go somewhere close
You don’t have to travel far away to have fun. Look around. If you live in a city, check out some of the tourist attractions you may have missed. If you live in a small town, travel to one of those larger cities that are close to you.

Find student discounts
Discounts are everywhere. It won’t be hard to find them.

Take some time to get the best price
Go online and check out deals that so many sites offer and don’t forget to use and compare travel sites.      

You don’t have to sleep in a 4-star hotel
Even lower-rated hotels may charge $100 or so a night. Be creative. State parks may offer cheap or free camping. Know anyone with a RV? See if you can borrow it.

Load up on coupons
Scour the web for coupons. They’re out there. If you stock up on these, you’ll save money and still enjoy yourself.

Have you done this already? If so, send us any suggestions you might have.



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