Four tips to help you manage your time

All this month we’ve presented possible New Year’s resolutions. We finish the month with a post from Awesome Intern Alicia Hooks, who is back for another semester. Alicia addresses how to improve your time-management skills.

Have you shown up to class only to realize that it’s Tuesday, not Monday? Have you missed a meeting because you were “too busy”? Have you double booked yourself? Have you missed an assignment, simply because you didn’t know you had it? If so, you need to work on your time-management skills.

I’ve done just about all of the above. As a senior nearing graduation, I’ve learned over the years to keep track of my time through several simple methods. Some of these it took trial and error to realize which were best, others I’ve learned from advisors and friends.

Use the calendar on your phone

If your phone has a calendar, add the important dates to it. It’s very easy to write things down on a piece of paper, but paper gets thrown away. Put it in on your phone’s calendar with an alarm or two to remind you of the upcoming task.  Then when you get home, put it on a calendar or post your reminder on a door, refrigerator, mirror, etc., somewhere in your house that you look at regularly. 

Get a hard-copy calendar

If you don’t own a large desk calendar, no worries, you can go online to sites such as WinCalendar to print a free monthly calendar. In my binder, for example, I have monthly calendars printed out from now until April with all of my upcoming assignments and any events. I have found that color coding each entry works well if you have multiple assignments due on the same day from different classes.

Also I have a weekly break-down with each day starting at 8 a.m. that I found on Vertex42’s site. This one started out as a weekly calendar, but for my purposes, it’s set up as a general reminder of what I’m doing each day. Again, color coding is magic for organizing daily tasks.

Wear a watch

I know we’re in the technology age where everyone carries a cell phone, but watches are beneficial too. Professors across the board have banned cell phone usage in class. With a watch, you have a constant reminder of what time it is.

Get a daily planner

Some find it useful to carry around daily planners. The daily planner is essential for keeping track of when each assignment is due, plus it houses important phone numbers and email addresses. It is also another place to put those important dates that might end up on your phone’s calendar.

Those are a few easy methods of how I keep myself organized. Well, my time is up. Later!


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