You posted WHAT on Facebook? — Part II

Last week, we gave you five suggestions on how to use social media wisely so you don’t miss out on a job opportunity when you graduate.  Today, we include some of the 50 suggestions from CollegeTimes.


  • Earn respect by providing valuable content in a friendly way.
  • Be extra polite. You won’t make a snarky remark to someone you just met in person. You shouldn’t do it online either.  
  • Follow the golden rule by treating others as you would want to be treated.
  • Edit your photo choices so you don’t post photos of you or your friends engaging in illegal and irresponsible activities.
  • Show care when tagging friends in photos. Your friends may not want to be tagged in some of them.
  • Share your best work.
  •  Use a real photo so people know whom they’re connecting with.

Do not:

  • Cyber stalk. If you’re not getting responses back from wall posts and messages you leave on someone’s profile, then stop posting them.
  • Write private messages on wall posts. It can be embarrassing and rude.
  • Use automation tools. It’ll just make you look lazy and unengaged.
  • Ask to be retweeted. If your contact is good enough, people will share it without your asking them to.
  • Use exclamation points. They’ll just make your writing look juvenile.
  • Follow an employer’s personal account. You’ll look desperate and creepy. Instead, follow the official account instead.
  • Use text abbreviations in social media updates. You need to type out the whole word.

Have any do’s and don’ts you’d like to share? Please let us know.


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