Wanna save money in college?

Thinking about resolving to save more money this year? It may sound hard, but it can be done. In fact, there are many things you can do to keep a little bit more coin in your pocket.

The Student Advisor blog offers six easy ways you can save money:

1. Buy in bulk.

You’ll save money and you may even get a discount by using your student ID. 

2. Use your student discount.
Many businesses in college towns offer students a discount. Find out where those places are and take advantage of those discounts.

3. Watch what you drink and we don’t mean beer.

Buying coffee at a coffee shop can get expensive. Invest in a coffee maker. The cost for bottled water can also add up. Instead, buy a water filter for your fridge and get a reusable water bottle. You’ll save money and send fewer plastic bottles to the landfill.

4. Visit your local dollar store.
You’ll find a lot of what you need at the dollar store, and it won’t cost you more than – you guessed it – a dollar. While some stores with “dollar” in the name may charge more than a buck, you’ll still find what you need at a lower price than other stores.

5. Use coupons. 

Keep a look-out for coupons and use them. Also, if you provide your email to some stores, they’ll send you discounts, which are a big help.

6. Split the costs with your roommate.
You can save money if you both do your laundry together, car pool, share supplies.

Need more? There’s so much more.  

College Scholarships.org  offers 118 (we don’t know why it’s 118 and not 100 or 120) ways to save money in college. The suggestions range from using the meal plan you paid for to renting DVDs as a group.

Surviving College offers 50 more suggestions (we like 50 – it’s a nice round number) like don’t shop when you’re hungry because you’ll buy more and take the bus when you can because gas is pretty expensive.

If you have any ideas we can pass along just let us know.


2 thoughts on “Wanna save money in college?

  1. Gday! I am about to start my own blog and was wondering if you know where the best place to purchase a website
    url is? I am not even sure if that’s what its called? (I’m new to this) I’m referring to “https://pittbradford.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/wanna-save-money-in-college/”. Exactly how do I go about acquiring one of these for the website I’m building?
    Thanks alot 🙂

    • Christopher,
      Good morning. You don’t really need to purchase a URL. Word Press can provide many free tools to help you get started on your blog. That’s what I did.

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