Three hints for filling out college applications

You have a stack of admissions applications you haven’t filled out yet, don’t you? Well, you know they’re not going to fill themselves out, so why not resolve to take care of them now?

Our admissions director, Alex Nazemetz, has some suggestions on filling out your applications. Alex suggests you:

Take enough time to fill it out correctly.

This may be the first impression you make on an admissions counselor, so you want to be sure you make a good one. Focus on what you’re doing, so turn off the TV, log off your computer, turn off your phone. Don’t leave out any information or skip questions. Read and follow the directions carefully.

Don’t embellish.  
An admissions counselor will be able to tell if you’ve exaggerated some of your accomplishments. Remember when your parents said honesty is the best policy? That applies to admissions applications as well. Be honest about what you’ve done, what you haven’t done, and what you want to do once you get to college.

Apply early.
Applying early has benefits. The earlier you apply, the more opportunities you may have for financial benefits. For example, some scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, when making housing assignments, many colleges give priority to those who have applied by the deadline.

 Want to read more? Alex also offers some other insightful information in a Q and A with the college search site Cappex.

Have you already filled out your apps? Got any suggestions to share?


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