Are you resolving to drink less?

If you’ve been following along, you know all this month we’re discussing New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you’ve resolved to drink less this year. (Now, we’re not making any judgments. We’re happy that you’re considering this resolution.)

According to the Wall Street Journal, alcohol-free college activities are on the rise. About 100 colleges and universities are now sponsoring and promoting activities for students who want to have fun without alcohol, including ours.

The Student Advisor blog  has some suggestions on how you can have fun without drinking:

Free is fine
Don’t think an event is lame if it’s free. There are lots of fun events to try that don’t have a cover charge.

Try something out of the ordinary
Try something different. Visit a museum. Go to a park.

Check out the local sites
We know you haven’t seen everything there is to see where you are. Get out there and check out the local scene.

For more ideas on the fun you can have without booze, you can sign up for the free weekly e-newsletter at, like them on Facebook  or follow them on Twitter.

You can also watch some pretty funny videos, including this one. Ever think not drinking would blow someone’s mind? I just might:

Think not drinking may blow people’s minds? It just might:

As always, if you have suggestions on fun and dry activities just let us know.


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