How ’bout resolving to volunteer?

All this month we’ve talking about New Year’s resolutions.  One possible resolution is to volunteer in your community.

Many college campuses provide volunteer opportunities for their students. On our campus, we have  an Office of Community Engagement, which coordinates a wide variety of volunteer activities for students, from making repairs to the local domestic violence shelter to participating in events like car washes to raise money for local causes.

Why volunteer? Well, in addition to helping someone else out, you benefit as well.

  • Will give you valuable experiences and skills
    You can learn how to build houses through Habitat for Humanity, work with dogs and cats at the local SPCA, or help children read at your local public library. 
  • Will help you meet interesting people
    Volunteer activities bring together an assortment of people. You may meet a business professional while volunteering who may turn out to be a job contact for you.
  • May get you academic credit.
    At some schools, you can get academic credit for your volunteer work.
  • Sends a signal to colleges
    What you do outside of the classroom says a lot about you, which colleges pay attention to when considering whether they should admit you.  list some additional benefits you may get as a volunteer:

  • It will strengthen your resume.
    When you’re looking for that first job, would-be employers want to see what you’ve done in addition to getting your degree.  Being a volunteer may give you an advantage over someone who didn’t.
  • You’ll get a sense of achievement.
    You’ll feel better about yourself when you help someone else. Trust us. It will.

Do you volunteer? If so, tell us about your experience.


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