New Year’s resolutions for college parents

Your son or daughter isn’t the only one who may be considering adopting some New Year’s resolutions. You may be thinking about some as well. If that’s the case, College Parents of America  has some suggestions for you.

Resolve to:

Work harder at letting go.
Your son or daughter is becoming more independent, which is good. Consider calling, emailing and texting a little less often.  

Accept the changes you see in your son or daughter.
Admit that he or she is becoming an adult, which as we said above, is good.

Talk to your son or daughter about college finances.
It’s important that he or she understand the big financial picture, particularly when graduation comes.

Do something for yourself.
Learn something new. Take a class. Let your son or daughter see you as a role model.

Tell your son or daughter how proud you are.
A reminder that you know she or he is accomplishing great things will go a long way.

 Slow down on all of the questions.

Yes, we know you want to ask if he or she has picked a major, found a summer job, will be taking that internship, is getting along with his or her roommates, likes all of the professors, etc. Consider not peppering them with so many questions.

As always, if you have some resolutions to share, please let us know.


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