New Year’s resolutions for college students

Happy 2012.  With a new year comes New Year’s resolutions. All this month, we’ll be addressing resolutions you may have already committed to or may consider.

Today we give you some from various sources. The Student Advisor blog offers several you might consider:

  • Call home just to stay hi to your family, not just to ask for money.
  • Stop pretending to take notes on your laptop when you’re just surfing the Internet.
  • Read your textbooks.
  • Take advantage of your professors’ office hours.

USA Today offers some practical and humorous resolutions:

  • Buy a good suit.
    You’re going to need it for interviews, class presentations, etc.
  • Finally figure out the difference between it’s and its and there and their
    If you make that mistake in the “real world” people are going to form an opinion of you that you’re not going to want them to have.
  • Learn everything you can now about student loans.
    You don’t want to be caught off guard when it’s time to pay them back.
  • Start a workout routine. 
    You may not be eating lunch out of a vending machine when you graduate, but there will be other unhealthy and fattening temptations that you’ll need to fight against. 

Top-Colleges suggests you:

  • Join a student club.
    Whether it’s a social or academic-related organization, it will help you make new friends, learn to network, and strengthen your time-management skills. And, it might be really fun.
  • Attend school events.
    It doesn’t really matter what the event is, but attending at least one will help you blow off some steam and have some fun.
  • Explore other areas of interest.
    This will help you become a more well-rounded person and open up new areas you might not have ever considered before.

Have you made any resolutions you’d like to share? If so, please pass them along.


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