How to survive winter break with your college kids

You couldn’t wait for your son or daughter to come home from college. But after just a few days of picking up his or her dirty socks off the floor and trying to wait up for him or her, you’re not so sure this winter break thing is a good idea. Admit it. You’re already thinking about driving your son or daughter back to school. 

Before you hop in the car:

  • Expect some changes. He may have gotten a Mohawk or a full-sleeve tattoo. She may now be a vegan and won’t eat the pot roast you worked so hard to make.
  • Remember change works both ways. You may have changed, too. If you’re converted his room into a study, let him know before he comes home. Or, if you’re made significant changes to your life – you’re a vegetarian, you have a new significant other – let her know before she arrives.
  • Don’t be surprised by all the sleep. Your son or daughter will probably do a lot of it.  Remember, he or she just survived finals week and may be exhausted from the extra studying. Try to be patient.
  • Discuss house rules. You and your son or daughter should talk about these. Remember, he or she has had complete freedom while at school, so it might be hard to enforce a curfew. However, if you feel a curfew is necessary, be sure to explain your reasoning.
  • Expect some down time. While it may be tempting, try not to plan all of his or her time during break. He or she is going to need some down time, time to do nothing.
  • Don’t be offended if he/she isn’t home a lot. Your son or daughter will want to connect with friends, so he or she may not be home a lot at first.
  • Remember that the holidays are stressful for everyone. Remember everyone needs to have a little patience with each other.
  • He or she may not talk a lot about school.  And this may not have anything to do with you. He or she may just want to be at home and not think (or talk) about school.

If you’ve been through this before and have some suggestions we can share, just let us know.


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