What are you going to do over winter break?

Last week, Ryan Rizzardi, our fall intern, gave you tips on how to survive finals week. Today, he tells you what he plans to do over winter break.

Thanksgiving break has come and past, and for students it gave us a little break before the final weeks of the semester. At this point in the year, everyone is ready for winter break.  For many, the winter break is a time to be shared with loved ones and celebrate the upcoming holidays. For this college senior though it will be a chance to relax and re-energize before embarking upon my final semester of my undergraduate career at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.  Everybody has traditions and plans for the holiday break, but here are some of my traditions and what I plan to do:

  • Hockey
    For the past four years, a few of my friends and I have made it our own little tradition to attend the last Pittsburgh Penguins home hockey game before Christmas.
  • Work
    As a way to make some extra cash before coming back to school for the spring semester, I have been working at Lowe’s Home Improvement (http://www.lowes.com/) the past three years during breaks from school.
  • Friends/Family
    The holidays are a good chance to catch up with friends and family members whom you have not talked to in a while.
  • Snowboarding
    Living in the middle of two ski resorts, Peek’ n Peak and Holiday Valley, I am hoping to be on the mountain as much as possible this winter break.
  • Relaxing
    Finally, what I look forward to the most this holiday season is a little rest and relaxation.

What do you plan to do over winter break? Let us know.


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