How can you help your son/daughter through finals week?

Your college son or daughter is studying for finals. He or she is more stressed out and edgier than usual. You feel helpless, but there are things you can do to help him or her get through the week.

College Parents of America offers several tips on how you can help.

First, remember that not all students will be stressing. Some students may not be nervous or intimidated about final exams. They may be more confident. If your son or daughter is one of them, congratulate him or her and relax.  However, if your son or daughter is stressing out, try:

  • Giving plenty of encouragement. Let them know that you understand that they’re under stress and remind them that they’ll get through this.
  • Sharing tips on how to get through the week. We offered several tips earlier that you can use. 
  • Sending something special. Mail a card. Send them a care package(We hear brownies are a beloved treat.) It’ll brighten their day.
  • Checking with them first before making any arrangements for their travel home. You may inadvertently make arrangements for a time when they have an exam, and that will contribute to their stress leve.
  • Not bothering them about issues at home. If it can wait until they come home, please consider waiting. This will help them stay focused on their finals.

Have you been through this before? If so, please share with us any sugegstions you might have.


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