How to survive finals week — another student’s perspective

On Wednesday, Alicia the Awesome Intern gave you her suggestions on how to survive finals week. Today, we hear from another awesome intern, Ryan Rizzardi, a public relations major from Warren.

The semester is coming to an end and it is time to face the music. Finals are right around the corner, and for many students it is finally hitting them that time is getting short. Students are bombarded with stress and pressure throughout the last few weeks of the semester. What do you do? Luckily, there are several tips that I have gathered in my four years here on how to survive finals week.

  • Exercise
    Exercise is one of the best ways of relieving stress during finals week. Go to the gym and hit the weight room, take brisk walks, run, and play sports with friends. These are all good ways to let off some energy and regain concentration.
  • Breaks from studying
    Studying nonstop is not helpful. Eventually your concentration will be broken, and the material you are trying to learn will not be retained well. It is better to study for short periods of time and come back to the material.
  • Eat healthy
    With shortage of time in a student’s busy schedule, students often eat whatever is quick and tasty. Eating healthier foods will help students maintain concentration and memory. Also, take advantage of the food that Metz, the food service at Pitt-Bradford, provides for students at night during finals week in the Frame-Westerberg Commons.
  • Choose your environment carefully
    Although the campus offers 24- hour quiet hours during finals week, sometimes it is hard to study in your dorm room. Find a quiet place, in which you feel the most comfortable.

We hope the three days’ worth of suggestions help you. If you have any to offer please let us know.

Good luck on your finals.


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