How to create great care packages for your students

You see her friendly face so you know who wrote this. Yes, it’s our awesome intern Alicia Hooks at it again. Today, she writes about creating good care packages for your students.

Rising costs in education mean that college student is synonymous with broke, poor and no food. We know this, and so do our parents. This is why receiving a care package is so important.

 In my family’s case, I usually receive a large envelope filled with all the mail I’ve missed, colored pictures from my little sisters, and occasionally money to help fill my gas tank. Since his first year, my friend Matt Houp has received an assortment of things in the mail:  

  • Cookies (oatmeal, chocolate chip, etc.)
  • Brownies
  • Fruit basket
  • Hot wheels race cars
  • A Kimono
  • A loaf of banana bread
  • The soundtrack to Easy Rider
  • A harmonica
  • A kazoo

In his most recent care package from his mom, he received a bag of socks, a few t-shirts, a new wallet and tickets to this weekend’s Pitt Football game.

Student Dani Erdley receives an occasional card from her mom filled with encouraging words, updates from home, newspaper clippings, and spending money. “What I look forward to most,” Dani says, “are her letters just telling me about what’s going on at home or how her week is going, I just enjoy hearing from her no matter how simple the letter may be.”

 So, a word to parents and friends out there: Send someone you know in college a letter, a kazoo, a poster, anything that shows them they’re on your mind. Yes, money is important for those midnight runs to Pizza Hut, but oftentimes the simplest things are those we enjoy the most.

 Here are a few more ideas:

And, as always, if you have some to share, please let us know.


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