Helping your son or daughter prepare for the SAT/ACT

If your college-bound son or daughter hasn’t taken the SAT or ACT test yet, he or she will soon. What exactly is it? Well, pretty much everything you need to know comes from the CollegeBoard.

 Why are SATs and ACTs so important? According to Alex Nazemetz, director of admissions at Pitt-Bradford, the test results determine your son or daughter’s eligibility for admission. Also, in some cases, the tests results help college and university officials place your son or daughter in certain levels of math or English, which will help him or her during the first year of college.

What can you do to help them prepare? Sylvan Learning offers video suggestions in two parts.

Part I:

Part II:

What else can you do to help? Encourage your son or daughter to:

  • Take challenging courses.
  • Read and improve his or her vocabulary.
  • Get familiar with the testing format.
  • Look into low-cost or free preparation classes before paying for any expensive test preparation.
  • Find out how much weight is placed on the test results by the colleges he or she is considering.

If you’re already been through this with your son or daughter and have some suggestions, please send them our way and we’ll share with everyone.


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