How you can prepare for the SAT/ACT

It’s that time, when high school students like you take the SAT or ACT.  Why are these important? According to Alex Nazemetz, Pitt-Bradford’s director of admissions, the test results help colleges and universities determine your eligibility for admission. Also, in many cases, those test results help officials place you in the appropriate level of math or English, which will ultimately help you during your first year of school.

How do you get started?

My College Options  offers several suggestions:

  • Take SAT and ACT prep test during your sophomore year to help you with your test-taking abilities.
  • Hire a tutor to help you.
  • Take a prep course, which will give you sample tests so you’ll know what kinds of questions you’ll be facing.
  • Use the SAT and ACT study books, which include study tips and practice tests.
  • Play Zero Hour Threat, an SAT/ACT video game. Really. There is such a game.    

My College Options also offers two downloadable guides – one for the SAT and one for the ACT that you may find helpful.

And, when test time has come, there are things you can do the night before the test to prepare:

  • Relax. You’ve been preparing for quite awhile now. Now is the time to relax your mind. Take a walk. Watch a movie.
  • Be ready. Make sure you have everything ready the night before so you’re not scrambling in the morning to find your keys or your wallet. And, make sure you wear comfortable clothes. You’re going to be there for awhile. Wearing something uncomfortable won’t help.
  • Pack a bag. Make sure you have enough pencils. Pack a calculator. Bring scratch paper. Bring a bottle of water and a light snack like a granola bar if you think you’ll need them.
  •  Sleep well. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Your body and mind will need to be well rested so you can perform well.

Now, go get ‘em. You’re going to be great.

If you’ve already taken the test and have some advice to share please let us know.


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