How to avoid the Freshman 15

Is it easy to avoid that additional weight gain? Well, it’s not as hard as you might think. Many ways to avoid the Freshman 15 are just plain old common sense.

For example, make herbal tea instead of a cream-filled latte, or blot your pizza with a napkin to absorb additional grease. Here are some more interesting suggestions:

Dr. Charles Stuart Platkinwho is also known as the Diet Detective, offers several tips:  

Eat regularly

It’s easy to skip meals when you’re running from class to class. But by skipping meals, you’re making yourself more vulnerable to pig-outs at 2 a.m. when your roommate or friend has ordered pizza. Our bodies need food throughout the day, not just at the end.

Carry a healthy snack

Put a little protein in your backpack, which will make it easier for you to resist junk food. Try packing low-calorie cheese, freeze-dried fruit, nonfat yogurt, small plastic bags of dry cereal.

Don’t skip breakfast

Remember to start your day with food, and try to pack it with protein.

Practice portion control

If you eat out of a bag or box, you never really know how much you’ve eaten, which means you’ll likely eat too much. You’ll be better off if you take out one serving and put the rest away.

Watch liquid calories

These really add up fast. And, once you’ve had a few drinks, you’ll want to eat more, so it’s a double-whammy. Twelve ounces of beer contains about 150 calories. If you have three beers, that’s 450 calories. It adds up quickly.

Avoid late-night snacking

It’s tempting to snack while studying, but you can resist the temptation by getting a small refrigerator for your room so you can store your own foods.


You need to exercise. Most universities have great facilities with fitness machines, weights, and swimming pools. If you can’t find the time, you can also work out in your room with an exercise DVD. And, of course, you can still walk whenever and wherever you can.

Out of sight, out of mind

Keep unhealthy snacks out of sight. It’s much easier to eat the snacks you see.

Choose food wisely

 Keep an eye out for healthy food in the dining hall. It’s there, but you may have to look beyond the ice cream machine or the French fries.

If you have any suggestions please let us know.


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