How to stay well during cold and flu season

It’s that time of year. You feel that little tickle in your throat. Your nose gets stuffy. You’re feeling a little achy. Welcome to cold and flu season.

But, it’s not a foregone conclusion that you’ll get sick. Registered nurse Bonnie McMillen, who is Pitt-Bradford’s director of student health services, says there are many things you can do to stay healthy.

  • Eat a good breakfast and maintain a good diet.
  • Get enough sleep. 
  • Get a flu shot.

Take a multi vitamin every day.

Don’t smoke.

Connect with others, we all need people.

Get outside at least 30 minutes every day.

  • Cough into your elbow no your hand.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Take extra vitamin C in the winter.
  • Unplug. Turn everything off and go to bed on a regular basis.
  • Cut down on or cut out completely caffeine.
  • Read labels since over-the-counter drugs have side effects that may cause big problems.   

And for those of you who are local, visit the Student Health Office if you aren’t feeling well so Bonnie can help you.

Want a few more tips? Here are some from Dr. Oz:


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