What are the most popular costumes for college students?

Halloween has arrived. Are you ready?  Have you picked out a costume yet? If not, all of the really cool ones at the store may be gone already. That means you’re going to have to get creative and make one.

Don’t despair. We have several ideas to share with you. You might find something on this 2011 list of the most popular Halloween costumes for college students from Student Advisor.

If you’re a young woman, you might consider going as Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials. (No, Progressive is not paying us to plug them. We just think this costume is cool and easy to make.)  Progressive even offers a downloadable logo, name tag and “I heart insurance” button for you to use.

For you young men out there, and if you’re feeling particularly daring, you could be the Old Spice guy.  Yeah, that guy. Grab a towel and show off those killer abs. In fact, Time magazine voted this costume one of the top 20 topical costumes for 2010.

If you’re thinking something a little more, well, disgusting, why not a zombie? It’s not hard, as you can see:

Good luck. If anyone takes pictures of you in your costume, why not share them with us so we can all see how awesome you looked?


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